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Our Story

Welcome to Desert Shawarma

Taste of oasis

Shawarma is an Arabian dish which has its origins in Arabia where vendors used to sell them near oasis. We want to celebrate this legacy and hence the name "desert shawarma". The brand is the dream child of Mr. Prabagaran and was brought to life by Mr. Monish Pavazhavanan and Mrs. Monica Prabhagaran.
In Desert Shawarma we provide the exact taste of shawarma with an "INDIAN TWIST" and that's how we plan to differentiate from competition and that is why people love our shawarma. Our aim is to give best quality of Indian style shawarma with the lowest rates in the market so as to cater to all customer segments


Why us?

  • Wide range of menu
  • We update our menu with new dish every month
  • Break even from first week itself
  • Low investment
  • High profit
  • No experienced staff required

Reasons to Invest in Desert Shawarma

  • We have separate research and development team to invent atleast one exciting dish every month
  • All our existing shops sells minimum 15kg to 20kg of chicken per day
  • Wide range of menu with high margins

Pani Puri Shawarma

Singles Burger

Shawarma Rolls

Mug Shawarma

Bucket Shawarma

Plate Shawarma

Bahubali shawarma

Bigshow Burger

Chicken Popcorn

French Fries




Special Fried Chicken




Unit Franchise Investment Breakup

  • Franchise fee: Rs 1,50,000
  • Kitchen equipments and initial stocks : Rs 2,00,000
  • Interiors : Rs1,00,000 to 1,50,000 (Depending on size of the shop)

Franchise Details

Franchise ModelFOFO
Franchise Fee1.5 lakhs
Area Required80 to 100 sqft
RoyaltyRs3000/- per month
Manpower Required3
Agreement PeriodLifetime Validity
Territory Exclusivity1.5km
Manpower SupportTraining will be provided from our end .Not recruitment
Payback Period4 to 5 months
Break Even PointRight from the first week onwards

Estimated Sales and Revenue Forecast

Approx. Per Day SaleRs.10,000Rs.15,000Rs.20,000
Food Cost and Wastage4,0006,0009,000
Rent & Electricity100010001000
Miscellaneous 50010001000
Total Expenses6,500900012,000
Profit Per Day(Sales – Expenses)3,5006,0008,000
Profit Per Month(min.)Rs.1,05,000Rs.1,80,000Rs.2,40,000